101: Starting a Women-in-Tech Group In Your Organization

Meredith Jacobson, Network Director, WITI LA
Donna Spielberg, Senior Vice President, City National Bank
Sophia Viklund, Co-Founder, Silicon Valley Deep Learning Group
June 5, 12:15 pm - 1:45 pm  •  Cascade

Want to start a women in tech group in your organization? Don't have a WITI Network in your area but not sure how to get it started? Join two mothers of twins who like 2-for-1s and learn how to do both. Meredith Jacobson of North Highland was tired of driving 3 hours to Orange County for WITI meetings. Learn how she has restarted the Los Angeles WITI Network. Donna Spielberg is Meredith's co-chair and on the leadership of City National Bank's Women In Tech affinity group. Learn how CNB got their group going and how they leverage their relationship with WITI for programs and content.