Mary Vincent

Co-Founder & CTO, LifetimeMD
209 - Wearable Computing

Mary Vincent is Co-Founder / CTO of LifetimeMD and was Co-Founder and Head of Product Engineering for a smart fabric wearable computing company, leading global wearable computing architecture innovation, integration, testing, quality and technical engagement. Her startup was accepted into the Intel Make it Wearable Semifinals, two Startup Incubators, and she presented in Shenzhen China and Taipei Taiwan, Keiretsu Womens Forum, Draper University, Silicon Valley China Wireless, and was selected as a Delta Techcrunch Disrupt Innovator.

Ms. Vincent's background includes work in Sun Microsystems Java Engineering, Data Center Energy Efficiency, and Mobile Health Application development with Stanford and Government Projects. She has a special interest in climate policy and was a Stakeholder Advisory Group Member of WRI/WBCSD GHG Protocol (developing a new standard for product and supply chain GHG accounting and reporting) and Department of Energy (DOE) Energy Literacy Stakeholder (providing energy literacy input to the DOE) in DOE-Sponsored Meetings. Ms. Vincent has a unique understanding of the software and hardware worlds and how they work together, and often speaks about the future of wearables and how we can use technology to improve lives.