Emily White

Data Science Leader, GE Healthcare
311 - Breakthroughs in Leadership: Here's How I Got to the Top!

Emily White joined GE Healthcare IT in 2013 as the Regional IT leader to drive the transformation and build the best in class commercial and service capabilities. She took a new assignment in 2015 as Senior Data Modeling Manager/Market Access, responsible for the technical development of solutions to solve complex business and population health problems. Previously at GE Transportation, she served as Global Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Program Manager, leading a global team through implementation of multiple systems and process consolidations to improve global operations and enable revenue and profitability growth.

Ms. White began her career in 1998 as a software engineer with Cerner Corporation, a Healthcare IT Company. She progressed to Senior Software Architect, Project Lead with an emphasis on full Systems Development Life Cycle. She holds an MBA, a Master's of Applied Mathematics in Computer Science, and a Bachelor's degree in Accounting. Ms. White is Green Belt certified, fluent in both English and Chinese, and serves as an adjunct professor of University of Phoenix.