Teresa Deveaux

Director, Gender Diversity Strategy, Microsoft, Corp
306 - Creating/Managing Teams That People Are Clamoring To Be On

Teresa Deveaux is a global leader with strong skills and broad experience in IT Service Operations, International Project Management, and Organizational Development. She is recognized for her ability to build highly functioning teams and was recently awarded an overall 100% score and 100% People Management rating in her company's annual Work Health Index survey. Ms. Deveaux is a sought-after public speaker on topics such as "Building Exceptional Global Teams," "Work/Life Balance: Getting it and Keeping It," and "Reaching Your Goals: From Dream to Reality." She was honored to be a member of a six-person panel titled "Amazing Women at Microsoft" at the company's annual Women's conference.

Prior to joining Microsoft in 1999, Ms. Deveaux worked for The Canadian Automobile Association, National Auto League, and Ash City/the GH group. She holds a Bachelor of Economics, a Master's in Elementary Education, and a Master's in Leadership and Organizational Development. In July, Ms. Deveaux will commence a Doctorate program in Organizational Leadership and Organizational Systems.