Laura DiDio

Director, Strategy Analytics
211 - What Smart Companies Are Doing to Leverage Big Data
317 - WITI WIN - Women in Cloud and Storage Leadership

Laura DiDio is a highly visible technology industry analyst and consultant, a professional writer, and a veteran investigative reporter with 25+ years experience in high technology. Ms. DiDio has 17 years experience as a high technology industry analyst, most recently as Director of IoT Research and Consulting at Strategy Analytics in Boston and as Principal Analyst at Information Technology Intelligence Consulting (ITIC), a company she founded in 2002. She also spent over six years as a Research Fellow at the Yankee Group; prior to that she spent four years as a Director and Research Fellow at Giga Information Group.

Ms. DiDio is also an experienced investigative Reporter and writer in both the mainstream news media as well as the high technology industry, having held Senior Editor positions at a number of leading computer networking industry trade publications.During her four-year tenure at Computerworld, she launched and authored Ms. MIS, a bi-monthly column devoted to exploring issues faced by women and minorities in the high tech industry, including gender bias, ageism, and salary disparities. Ms. DiDio also worked as an investigative on-air reporter, producer and writer for various broadcasting and prints outlets, including CNN and Channel 5 News in New York and Channel 11 in Minneapolis. Her investigative reports have also appeared in The Village Voice and The Minneapolis Star and Tribune. In 2014, Ms. DiDio was an on-camera reporter and producer on the independent Documentary "My Amityville Horror."