Donna Barbisch

CEO, Wicked Solutions
210 - How Serious Games Are Changing the World

Major General (Ret) Donna Barbisch, MPH, DHA, is among the nation's most distinguished experts in terrorism, disaster preparedness, and national and international security interoperability. She is a dynamic role model, leader, and agent for change who moves people to action. Dr. Barbisch started her military career as a Private First Class in the Army Student Nurse Program and rose to the rank of Major General over a military career spanning more than 38 years, retiring from the Army in 2005.

Today she is focused on building responsible leadership and effective decision-making during complex crisis. She is currently working on serious gaming initiatives to immerse leaders in crisis environments and "force multiply" the reach of education, training, and exercising to improve resiliency, readiness, and response. She works nationally and internationally to improve preparedness, and works with think tanks and executive boards to develop strategic solutions to complex issues. She earned a Doctorate in Health Administration from the Medical University of South Carolina, an MPH from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Bachelor of Science from California University of Pennsylvania. She also earned a diploma in nursing from Columbia Hospital School of Nursing in Pittsburgh and a diploma in nurse anesthesia from Mercy Hospital School of Anesthesia in Pittsburgh. Dr. Barbisch has been described as a visionary with an entrepreneurial approach to emerging threats.