Alexis Brandow

Founder, Amorse
210 - How Serious Games Are Changing the World

Alexis Brandow is Founder of an educational media company, Amorse Inc. A born and bred Angeleno, she started her career in comics coloring: Gen 13, Vampirella, and Fantastic Four nightshift at Wildstorm Comics in San Diego. As she worked her way through school at UCSD, Ms. Brandow finished up with a degree in Arts and Computing. She then furthered her studies at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where she graduated with honors in illustration with an emphasis in motion graphics.

During Art Center, Ms. Brandow worked part time at SPUMCO with animation mentor John K. This was her first introduction to flash animation, paving the way to working many years after in the studios building and designing interactive projects for FOX, Warner Brothers, Disney, and NBC, to name but a few. She then opened the doors to her own interactive design firm, Amorse inc. and has been working there ever since. Her Los Angeles based firm clients include Disney, NBC, HBO, SmallLab Learning, Colvard Learning, and many other independent clients.