Dina McKinney

Senior Engineering Executive, Qualcomm
315 - WITI WIN - Women Semiconductor and Embedded Systems Leadership

Dina McKinney is a Senior Engineering Executive at Qualcomm, where she leads the Qualcomm design engineering team in developing the latest and greatest graphics, multimedia, and high performance IP. She previously served as Corporate Vice President of AMD's "Bulldozer" Core - the first female designer to lead a major core in the company's 40-plus year history. Prior to leading the Bulldozer team, Ms. McKinney led the "Bobcat" and "Griffin" low power CPU development at AMD.

Passionate about helping other women succeed in technical careers, Ms. McKinney is a founding executive member of the AMD Women's Forum, and the executive sponsor for the Sunnyvale AWF. She is also actively engaged in community support with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Silicon Valley. Ms. McKinney has been a microprocessor designer for over 25 years, holding various design and leadership positions at Digital Equipment Corporation, Motorola/IBM/Apple alliance on the PowerPC, and at the startup, Alchemy Semiconductor. She holds a Master's in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Central New England College