Urska Srsen

Founder, Bellabeat
316 - WITI WIN - Women IoT and Wearables Leadership

Urska Srsen is the co-founder and Head of Product at Bellabeat, a Silicon Valley company that produces smart devices and wearables for women which help to improve their overall health. Ms. Srsen is the main visionary behind Bellabeat's products and overall branding strategy, which recently led to recognition from Fast Company for creating one of the most innovative products of the year.

Ms. Srsen was one of the main speakers at Y Combinator Startup School, appeared on the ABC News, Fox News, WSJ, Forbes, Silicon Valley Business Journal, and many others. After attending the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts and having multiple standalone exhibitions around the world by the age of 22, Ms. Srsen founded Bellabeat after having worked on a professional home monitoring system, which helps pregnant women to have a healthier pregnancy and track their and their baby's health.