Wendy Wallbridge

President / Executive Coach, On Your Mark
203: Spiraling Up for the WITI Summit!

Wendy Wallbridge, a strategic and intuitive advisor to Fortune 100 leaders and teams across industries and a pioneer in the coaching field, has earned a reputation for establishing breakthrough conversations that enhance the way women work, live, play, and contribute. Her singular brand of coaching, defined by her Spiral Up! Model, empowers women to become architects of our own lives by following a radically different roadmap to success. Diagnosed with life-threatening Lupus early in her career, Ms. Wallbridge used that adversity and her return to good health to explore what it means for women to live true to their values, feminine wisdom, and unique calling. She is recognized for her groundbreaking coaching techniques that enable women to become leaders and agents of change in the 21st century and live lives that are more authentic, expansive, and meaningful.

In 1993 Ms. Wallbridge founded On Your Mark Corporate Coaching & Consulting, Inc., when she saw the need for individuals to do work that was both meaningful to them and met the changing needs of the marketplace. On Your Mark's clients have included Intel, Hewlett- Packard, Apple, ABC-Disney, Wells Fargo, Oracle, Texas Instruments, Symantec, Genentech, Dolby, and McAfee. A strong and vocal advocate for women, Ms. Wallbridge is the founder of the Women's Evolutionary Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley (WEL), and Producer of TEDxSandHillRdWomen. She is the author of Spiraling Upward, the 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise (Bibliomotion).