Rasheeda Yehuza

Founder & Sofware Engineer, Nasara Tech
304 - Tech Tales, WITIstyle: IoT, Engineering Derring-Do, and Ghanaian Girls and Tech

Rasheeda Yehuza is a Ghanaian with over three years' experience in the technology field. She currently works as a software engineer at VOTO Mobile, a technology platform that amplifies the voice of the under-heard. Ms. Yehuza is the Founder of Nasara Tech Ltd., a technology-focused company that creates solutions that can be applied worldwide for problems identified in local communities. She has led and managed the development of Nasara Tech's products and built computer games and freeware desktop applications.

Ms. Yehuza also co-founded Tech Needs Girls Ghana, an interactive STEM workshop for girls in Ghana. She holds a B.Sc. degree and M.Phil. (2016) in computer science from University of Science and Technology, Ghana. In the future, she plans to expand the Tech Needs Girls program across Ghana and beyond, and to build her entrepreneurial skills to create change with technology and solve problems to improve systems.