Anne Lopez

STEM Educator, Eastside Middle School
105: Drone Engineering: Exploring New Capabilities in STEM Education

Anne Lopez is a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teacher at Eastside Middle School, Mt. Washington, Kentucky. With 11 years of experience, Ms. Lopez is highly qualified in both middle and high school science. Her passion is teaching, inspiring, and challenging children to love learning. As a lifelong learner herself, she continues to develop new courses and curriculum to push the boundaries of education and learning. She is an active member in her community, serving with her husband and two children in the preschool ministry and mission ministry at their church.

Currently, Ms. Lopez serves as the STEM coordinator, Virtual Curriculum Integration Coach, and Project Lead the Way instructor at Eastside Middle School. Additionally, she has partnered with the national non-profit SheDrones to develop an easy-to-follow curriculum that can be utilized in classrooms around the country, inspiring kids to be passionate about science, technology, engineering and math.