Karen Cornwell

Senior Innovation Strategist, Gender Intelligence Group
124: New Leadership Model for Rocketing Innovation, Productivity, and Engagement
336C-138 - New Leadership Model for Rocketing Innovation, Growth, Engagement

Karen Cornwell has spent the majority of her career in high tech working in Engineering, Systems, Account Management, Business Development, Product Management, R&D, Sales Training, Product Development, and Marketing. Her lifelong quest to improve the acceptance and utilization of a diverse workforce continues with her current work to offer change management programs to high-tech companies that want to maximize their productivity and innovation by leveraging the differences between genders and making their workplaces inclusive with strong employee engagement.

With a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from Santa Clara University, Ms. Cornwell is uniquely qualified to drive high-tech companies to significantly higher performance levels while engendering high employee engagement. She is also the Network Advisor for the Silicon Valley Network of Women in Technology International (WITI), and volunteers in many community organizations.