Heather Furby

CEO & Director, Camp CAS
213: Lead Outside Your Comfort Zone: Four Strategies to Create a Greater Impact
114C-011 - Self-To-Sell Funded: The Questions You Need to Know That Will Sell Any Idea
219C-045 - Cause Your Success: Create Your Vision and Take Action
228C-072 - Build Your Dream Team: Stop Trying To Do this Life Thing Alone
305C-098 - Being Influential: How to Get Comfortable with Presenting Wild Ideas

Heather Furby is a business strategist and innovative leader who works with high-potential individuals to create lives of meaning and financial freedom. Through consulting, executive coaching, and personal development programs, she helps clients to masterfully navigate the special needs of today's business environment and become persons of influence whose ideas are heard, respected, and sought. As a business strategist and innovative leader, Heather has worked with businesses including Apple, IntelliTools, Institute of Noetic Sciences, and other cutting-edge companies to develop products that break the mold and make a difference. Her newest program is a Business Leadership Summer Camp, where participants can explore and discover new levels of leadership without risking their reputation, business progress or trusted teams. Heather is lead author of the Amazon Best Seller Women of Influence, proving you don't have to follow the rules to make a difference and lead with impact.