Tim Peek

CEO, PeekDisruption
222C-064 - Creating a Context for Success (for You and Your Team)
228C-074 - Moving from Blame to Action: How to Take Healthy Responsibility
303C-086 - Working Above the Line: How to Drop Fear and Open to Learning
326C-126 - Working Above the Line: How to Drop Fear and Open to Learning
316 - Leading Above the Line: Ditching Fear in Favor of Learning

An Emmy Award-winning NBC News executive, Tim Peek is expert at leading through disruptive change, skills he refined in his role as director of transformation at NBC during the early years of the Internet revolution. His focus is on activating strategy in teams by aligning personal motivation with organizational goals. Mr. Peek is a mentor to startups in the US and Asia through the SparkLabs and MergeLane accelerators. He's also founded numerous internal and free-standing startup operations since he formed his own construction company as a high school student.

As a conscious leadership coach, Mr. Peek teaches organizations how to increase learning speed and creative iteration by focusing on the quality of their connection, their full-body intelligence, and healthy responsibility. He holds at Bachelor's degree in Sociology from Colorado College and a Master's degree in Journalism from Northwestern University.