Roxann Bauerle

President, Inspire Marketing Group
104C-007 - Speak Up Soulfully: Igniting Your Inspired and Authentic Voice
228C-078 - Do It Now - While You Still Have the Chance
346C-145 - Selling with Soul: Sell without Wear or Stress

Roxann Bauerle has realized that real change - the kind that leads to healing, bold self-expression, transformation, and unleashed potential - requires dedication, curiosity, and strength. After 18 years in corporate America working in management and sales for companies such as NBC, Clear Channel, and Comcast, she felt there had to be a better way to balance work, life, and a passion to help others; thus did she become a coach, and founded Inspire Marketing and Coaching Group.

Ms. Bauerle runs inspired life and business programs, designed to help individuals create authentic and mission-driven lives and businesses. Her programs combine spirituality and business with a blend of wisdom and practicality. It is her mission to inspire greatness in people around the world so they can live a life they love and experience the freedom they desire. Ms. Bauerle is a marketer, author, trainer, and certified life coach.