Shabbir Latif

, Coach / Trainer / Facilitator
219C-053 - Emotional Intelligence: Dealing with Difficult Behavior
305C-099 - Creating Opportunities: Finding a Way Out of No-Way Situations

Shabbir is an Advanced Trainer and Practitioner in the field of Emotional Intelligence, certified by Six Seconds Emotional Intelligent Network ( He is also certified to administer Six Seconds EI (SEI) assessment.

Dr. Latif is a mentor, coach, speaker, trainer, and author. Since 2007, his clients have ranged from senior executives of large corporations and government organizations, to at-risk youth in high school (both in the classroom and in wilderness therapy programs), and staff and inmates at a maximum security prison. His passion is to study latest research in brain/neurosciences. In 2004, he earned an M.S. in Therapeutic Recreation, specializing in "Experiential Education" pedagogy. Before 2003, for over 25 years, he had a very successful career as a computer chip design engineer with a Ph.D. in Electronics Engineering from U.C. Santa Barbara.