Angel Grant

Vice President, Product & Market Strategy, f5 Security
311 - Cybersecurity Is Everyone's Business

Angel Grant is currently Vice President of Product and Market Strategy at f5 Security. She is a visionary leader with a passion for developing and evangelizing cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and risk management solutions to help make our digital world a safer place. Angel has over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity, eCommerce, and financial services industries with a background in product development, marketing, and sales. Prior to f5, she held various positions in RSA Security authentication, identity, fraud, risk, and threat intelligence teams. She has influenced many industry initiatives while serving on the FS-ISAC Board, PCI Council Board of Advisors, Federal Reserve Secure Payments Task Force and Nacha's Payments Innovation Alliance Risk, Regulatory and Security Advisory Committees. She is also a prominent diversity evangelist, spokesperson, blogger, and is CISSP certified.