Carla Holtze

Founder and CEO, Parrable
314: Building a Company and the Role of Mobile

Carla Holtze is the CEO and co-founder of Parrable, an innovative technology platform designed to solve the issues of fragmentation and blind spots on mobile due to third-party cookie restrictions. The proprietary platform allows advertisers, publishers and their technology partners to maintain state on computers and mobile devices, facilitating the personalization of content, experiences and advertising for consumers.

Previous to Parrable, Ms. Holtze worked at the BBC, The Economist Intelligence Unit and at Lehman Brothers in both New York and Hong Kong. She earned her MBA at Columbia Business School, MS in Journalism at Columbia University, and BS at Northwestern University. Ms. Holtze serves on the Board of the San Francisco Symphony Soundbox and is involved as mentor for emerging entrepreneurs and technology companies through Startup Mexico (SUM).