Unnati Sethi

Biz Dev Software Development Manager, Amazon
302: Amazon Keynote Panel - Taking Bold Risks: The Role of Failure in the Pursuit of Innovation

Unnati Sethi is a Software Development Manager at IMDb.com, where she leads a team of engineers focused on deprecating legacy software and building highly interactive and creative customer-facing systems for film industry professionals. Prior to joining IMDb in 2011, Ms. Sethi worked as a Research and Authoring Engineer at a Blu-ray authoring studio. It was there that she zeroed in on her love for building software within the entertainment industry.

Ms. Sethi holds a Master's in Computer Science from the University of Southern California and over 12 years of experience building software with cross-geographical, multi-cultural teams of varying sizes. She is a vocal advocate for diversity in the technology and entertainment industry while being actively involved in recruitment and diversity outreach initiatives at Amazon/IMDb.