Amy Roiland

CEO, FashionTap
322: WITI WIN Panel - Uncluttering the Digital Noise: How to Really Market to Women - Business and Consumers

While working PR at a clothing company, one day Amy Roiland was tasked by marketing to find several bloggers in different cities to whom to send clothes. "It was incredibly difficult to locate bloggers. There was no way to search for bloggers by location or to search for top bloggers in general." Why hadn't anybody built an IMDB for the fashion world? Suddenly an idea was born. Ms. Roiland quit her job and assembled a bold team of entrepreneurs and developers who shared in her vision of filling the void at the intersection of tech and fashion.

Over the next six months, FashionTap worked tirelessly to build the world's first fashion social network, empowering users to shop the products they see in each post. Brands, boutiques, and designers can search for bloggers, models, and other influencers by location to work with them. Today FashionTap has grown to a team of ten and the FashionTap community, available for free download in the iOS app store, has grown to tens of thousands of users.