158 - Lead with Impact: The Value of NOT Fitting In (repeat of Session 103)

Heather Furby, CEO & Director, Camp CAS
June 11, 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm  •  Cascade

Are you asking: Is there is a "right way" to lead or manage others? How do I lead in a way that reflects my values? Am I making the right choices for both my career and personal life? What if moving up the corporate ladder seems really unappealing? If you're a woman who already performs at high levels of competency, it can be difficult to find mentors and peer groups to help you navigate the special needs of today's workplace. You might be scared that you'll be perceived as inadequate or weak when you ask for help – still, you don't know how to take your business leadership or strategy to the next level.

Women have mastered leadership for years by learning to "fit in." But today's business leadership requires a new level of presence and influence. You must stop leading through someone else's agenda and master Leading with Impact. This takes courage, practice, and a desire to change your world. In this interactive workshop for seasoned professionals, you will:
* Learn four essential strategies for overcoming obstacles to leading with impact
* Understand what it means to be a real person of influence
* See how to maximize your own unique leadership qualities.