Dale Thomas Vaughn, Co-Founder, Better Man Conference, Director of DEI, Good Men Project
June 10, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm  •  Cascade

How do we engage men as allies in the intersectional movement toward equality and inclusion? What can they do to help? What can you do? What do they need to do themselves?

Each ally sets out on a personal journey to understand their privilege so they can leverage it across levels of intersectionality. That can be uncomfortable at first, but often becomes extremely empowering. Each ally starts their learning with blind spots and unconscious biases, which they need to confront within a safe space and with supportive guidance instead of shame and blame. Each ally eventually uncovers the difference between intention and impact, expanding their capacity to own their impact while connecting to the experiences of others. From this empathy grow new tools, habits, connections, behaviors, and confidence in bringing more allies to the table. The ally's journey to becoming "woke" [socially aware] is a repeatable process, and everyone wins, so all we need to do is focus on building this system into our culture en masse. In this session, you will learn:

- How to recruit male allies to help end inequality in representation and leadership.
- Why "unconscious bias" training doesn't work by itself.
- How to change your conversation with male colleagues from shame and blame to safety and accountability.