Bill Lamond, Human Potential 2.0
June 11, 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm  •  San Jose / Santa Clara

This insightful workshop will focus on the power to create a new future and elevate your professional and personal life. Computer models were designed originally to mimic the way the human mind operates. Imagine having a technology for expanding your thinking that is as straightforward as using the operating system on your laptop... or, as software companies do from time to time, creating a new operating system that gives you a brand new power in your career and your life.

Would you use Windows 2000 to operate in 2018? Probably not. So why use a personal operating system you created five, ten, or even 20 years ago - that keeps you coming back to the same place over and over? Learn what it takes to design a brand-new strategy and personal operating system that optimizes everything of importance and joy to you now!