264 - Coaching Circle - EDGE OUT YOUR COMPETITORS

Carol Evanoff, CEO, Mapping Your Career Success
June 11, 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm  •  Siskiyou

As we grow and develop in our careers we're disappointed in not getting the jobs or promotions we apply for. Come learn how to anticipate and fill missing education, experience, and skills. How can you know before your competition or even before your manager? Learn how to identify future requirements, how to analyze your competition and get the edge on them. Learn how to think strategically. Understand how to leverage losses for your future promotions. Learn why white males get promoted, are made leaders, and earn 20% more than their female counterparts. You can learn to level the playing field. SOLD OUT - this session is sold out. If there are any openings, we will be sending out updates through the WITI Summit App. Please make sure to download the app here