Lizette De Arkos, CEO/Co-Founder, Alzar
Raeven Duckett, Co-Founder, Community Gardens Delivery & Distribution
Lilli Keinaenen, Founder, Changemaker Creative
June 10, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm  •  San Carlos / San Juan

Cannabis is now legal in 29 states for medical usage; 17 states have passed laws specific for the usage of Cannabidiol (CBD); and 9 states have made it legal for recreational usage. In addition, 23 states have passed laws decriminalizing certain marijuana possession offenses. We're seeing numerous scientific, medical, economic, and tax revenue studies and results showing positive outcomes on all fronts with the states. More so: significant number of research studies have demonstrated that usage of marijuana is not the "gateway drug" to illicit drugs or criminal activity. The most that was demonstrated is increase in purchase of snack foods.

Yet every day, folks ask questions, especially in states where it is legal for recreational usage:
*How would working for a cannabis company affect my resume?
*If I put cannabis-related businesses and associates on my LinkedIn profile, what will the police think?
*What happens at work now if I use cannabis and they require a drug test?
*If I invest in a cannabis business, how does this affect my other clients?

This panel is set up to answer questions about the professional aspects of cannabis and how to navigate the stigma, the fear factors, and the falsehoods. And more so, to help understand the value and importance of breaking these down - especially within communities.