Workshop: Art of the Schmooze - Strategic, Effective and Inclusive Networking

Robbie Samuels, Coach and Author,
September 20, 3:35 pm - 4:50 pm

Career progression often depends on fostering a strong and supportive professional network, but do you feel awkward at networking events and uncomfortable making new connections? You are invited to attend this engaging session that will offer tips and tricks to help introverts and extroverts learn how to work a room, from having the right tools to knowing the best approach to engage prospective colleagues and collaborators. No matter your role, you will benefit from learning how to be more strategic, effective, and inclusive while building great relationships. Our presenter, Robbie Samuels, believes that your impact on the world is directly related to your willingness to engage your community. Through this session, he will show you how.

At the completion of this session, participants will be able to:

1. Employ strategy and selectivity when choosing which events to attend
2. Identify how to take advantage of small networking opportunities at events
3. Shift their mindset around relationship building to begin to notice opportunities in everyday life
4. Adapt body language to increase approachability and ease of navigation in the room
5. Apply graceful exit strategies that continue to build relationships