293 - WITI WIN: Old Industries, Sexy Data: Machine Learning and Industrial IoT

Aditi Banerjee, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and Chief Business Officer, LTIMindtree
Reema Poddar, Senior Vice President - Global Product Development, Teradata
Anna-Katrina Shedletsky, CEO & Founder, Instrumental
June 12, 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm  •  Cascade

Machine learning - the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly programmed - is so pervasive today that you probably use it dozens of times a day without knowing it. In the past decade, machine learning has given us self-driving cars, practical speech recognition, effective web search, and a vastly improved understanding of the human genome. Join us as we explore how machine learning is reshaping the world's multifaceted evolution of industries ... unleashing the power for new innovations ... and tapping into the big data, AI, and machine learning capacity.