294 - Realize Your Potential in the $1.3 Trillion Social Economy

Gretchen Fox, CEO, MTO Agency
Sharon Crost, Social/Online Marketing Strategist
Jen McClure, Program Director & Advisory Board Chair, The Conference Board
Maria Ogneva, Global Head of Community, LinkedIn
June 12, 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm  •  Sierra

Get ready to learn how world-class organizations think about social media! This session is packed full of senior-level, advanced insights into the future of social media for your organization. You'll learn:
* the Social Potential most organizations don't know exists (but world class businesses do!);
* the 5 Pillars of Social Media Success executives need to understand - and FAST;
* how to assess and benchmark where your organization stands between a Level 0-5 (and why most organizations get stuck between 2-3;
* and - most importantly - how to create a Roadmap to Social Success!