113 - Can Adults Learn to Code without a Computer Sci Degree? YES!

Jessica Earley-Cha, Director of Part-Time Education, Hackbright Academy
Brenda Jin, Staff Engineer, Slack Technologies
June 11, 1:45 pm - 2:45 pm  •  Cascade

Technology careers are lucrative and computing skills are in demand. By 2024, the United States will have over 1.1 million technology job openings, but will only be able to fill 45% of those positions with Computer Science degree holders. Many organizations focus on closing the gender gap by getting girls interested in technology from a young age. But what about adults? Can they learn to code without a degree? The answer is YES! In this session, Brenda Jin and Jessica Earley will tell you how they (and thousands of other women) learned to code - as adults without formal CS degrees. You'll also learn about algorithms - how they're used by software engineers, and how you've already used them in your own life. Finally, you'll get an overview of the job market and how you'll be able to apply your fresh coding skills to a new job - or the one you already love!