292 - Gender Equality in Large Organizations

Dale Thomas Vaughn, Co-Founder, Better Man Conference, Director of DEI, Good Men Project
Bonita Banducci, Lecturer, Gender and Engineering, Santa Clara U/Institute for Women's Leadership
Nadia Chargualaf, Vice President, Human Resources, Telstra
Suzzette Jaskowiak, Divisional VP, Pharmacy, Healthcare & Customer Engagement Technology, Walgreens
Amy Logan, Founder & CEO, Gender Innovation
June 12, 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm  •  Gateway Ballroom (2nd Level)

When a corporation is massive and multi-national, what does it take to create real gender equality? How can your voice and leadership make a difference? What are the most successful systems that global leaders are using today? How can smaller organizations benefit from these best practices?