354 - Male Millennials: Allies or Obstacles in Gender Equality?

Dale Thomas Vaughn, Co-Founder, Better Man Conference, Director of DEI, Good Men Project
June 13, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm  •  Sierra

If we are going to create gender equality and partnership, we need to engage men in the process of changing these norms (according to our partners at Lean In). Within the next decade, male millennials will represent the majority of men in the workplace. If they are engaged, we may have a chance. If they are not, the cycle continues.

This workshop will cover:
1. How to engage male millennial allies to find blind spots without shame or blame, by using our Unconscious Bias Scavenger Hunt.
2. How to structure your workplace meetings for more equality: How to detect and correct MANsplaining, misaBROpriation, and MANopolizing.
3. Mentorship: Millennials crave it, but how do you deliver it when you're so busy, and how do you make sure you're mentoring everyone equally? Strategies and tactics that work.