362 - Re-Align, Re-Design, Re-Fine Your Leadership Advantage

Ruth Simone, Executive Coach, Luminare Coaching & Consulting
June 13, 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm  •  Siskiyou

Are you realizing it would take more self-determination to tackle bigger challenges with your job, career, or whatever brings real satisfaction? And, have you heard a quieter voice saying "But how does it all start?" If this self-inquiry sounds anything like you, you are not alone.
During this highly interactive workshop, you'll find yourself right at home with like-minded women who also made their resolutions into a commitment. They too are ready to take charge of their careers. You'll learn to design your own one-page Career Advantage Template, a powerful tool to help you navigate through the puzzling maze and keep you on track while discovering what's inspiring, motivating, and energizing enough to sustain your consistent achievements. And you'll learn Seven Steps To Leverage Your Leadership Advantage:
1. Define - Your Leadership Advantage
2. Set - Your Leadership Standards and Values
3. Clarify Your Reputation - It's Your Brand
4. Network - Intentionally
5. Develop - Your Sponsor
6. Step Into - Your Executive Presence
7. Sustain - Your Leadership Advantage