364 - Why We Need Women To Lead

Will Marre, Founder, SMART Power Academy
June 13, 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm  •  Sierra

Meta-research from institutions such as Harvard, Wharton, MIT, McKinsey, and Bain Capital all conclude that women-led teams and organizations achieve more revenue growth based on value innovation than male-dominated organizations. The primary reasons are that women's thinking versatility, strategic empathy, and social intelligence give them a leadership advantage in times of instability and disruptive competition.

Unfortunately many male leaders view women's soft power skills as a weakness rather than a strength. They are insensitive to the business value of cognitive diversity and mistakenly promote male leaders who think alike and act alike. The result is organizations overloaded with men at the top supported by women stuck in the middle. This will only change when women leverage their distinctive leadership advantages.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to advance in male-dominant cultures. The secret is to lead like a woman, not like a man. To do that, you'll be taught three simple "SMART Mind Tricks" based on neuroscience proven to amplify your influence and impact:
1: How to increase your opportunities through female executive presence by re-scripting your inner voice to be more intrinsically confident.
2: How to make brief, compelling business cases for your ideas that require new investments. This skill makes your ideas seem smart and makes inaction seem stupid.
3: How to keep people accountable when you have no authority.

The results are nothing less than culture transformation.