374 - Get What You Deserve: Create Your Own Workplace Equality with Bias-Busting Behaviors

Will Marre, Founder, SMART Power Academy
June 13, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm  •  Sierra

Behavioral science has confirmed that the invisible reason women don't progress as fast as men in their careers is that the working world is psychologically "rigged" against you. In many companies women seem to have to work twice as long and produce twice as much to get equal opportunity. This is not an illusion. Studies show women do not get the same opportunities as men when tasks are assigned. This begins almost immediately after a woman is hired. The reason for this opportunity loss is something called social-mirroring. It simply means most people like to work with people who are a lot like themselves. Interview research confirms that most men value "communication efficiency." This means the fewer questions asked, the better. And men perceive women as asking too many questions. Men also don't like giving feedback to women because they perceive women as being overly sensitive. So men are less likely to select women to work with on high-impact projects.

In this session you'll learn three proven behavioral skills to overcome daily workplace bias:
1: Become self-empowered by turning questions into a checklist (males respond positively to checklists).
2:Create a weekly feedback dialog using a simple low-stress technique.
3: Learn to negotiate a better salary, a better job, and better opportunities by transforming negotiation into problem-solving.

These three simple skills will help you be seen, heard, and valued. They might just change your future.