110 - Code Circle at the WITI Summit: App Design & Development for Girls

Katie Mishra, Founder and CEO, Code Circle
Kelly Campa, Outreach Director, Code Circle
Alina Galimova, Admin Team, Code Circle
Robert Miranda, Admin Team, Code Circle
June 11, 1:45 pm - 4:00 pm  •  Monterey

Code Circle is an international youth-driven non-profit working to provide engaging courses to teach middle schoolers the design, logic, and engineering behind computer science. Here, Code Circle's admin team leads a workshop to teach girls about App Design & Development through an entrepreneurial mindset. Participants will learn to code in MIT App Inventor, and then work in groups to identify a problem in their community and an app-driven solution to solve it. Teams will pitch their app at the end in an entrepreneurship competition.

Please bring your Laptops!