342 - The Future of Interviewing is NOW - and It's on Video

Elaine Orler, Founder & CEO, Talent Function
Danelle DiLibero, Director of Talent Acquisition, OnDeck
Imo Udom, Co-Founder & CEO, Wepow
June 13, 1:15 pm - 2:15 pm  •  Monterey

Like it or not, your next job interview is likely to be on video, and if you're not ready for video interviewing - chances are you're not ready for the interview. With technology continuing to change the hiring landscape, video interviews are just one more way companies are improving the recruitment process. This is actually good news for job seekers ... as long as you're prepared. With video interviewing, candidates have the ability to get in front of the recruiter and showcase who they really are in a far more meaningful way than simply words on a resume.

This panel will explore how video can make the interview process more efficient and effective for recruiters and candidates. Offering real-life insights, the panel will also explain how organizations are using video interviewing and how candidates can prepare to put their best face forward.