Jodi Schiller

Founder & CEO, New Reality Arts
253 - WITI WIN: Integrating AI and VR/AR into Your Professional Life

Jodi Schiller is a San Francisco-based entrepreneur, keynote speaker, consultant, essayist, and digital marketing expert. New Reality Arts grew from her passion for interacting with information and each other in new and immersive ways. Her background as a theater professional, writer, producer, and director inspires her to bring the expertise of stagecraft to the development of augmented and virtual reality experiences, including those using brain-computer interfaces.

Ms. Schiller speaks on AR/VR topics worldwide. She is the founder of ARVR Women, listed by Meetup as one of the "Most Active Meetups in the World" with the goal of achieving gender parity in the industry within five years. She is also an active member of the IEEE VR Standards Board and the Digital Senses Initiative, which seek to explore the boundaries of how technology can augment human perception.