Julie Desjardins

Head of Research, Athos
353 - WITI WIN: IoT + Machine Learning Make Things Intelligent?

Julie Desjardins is Research Lead at Athos, a venture-backed startup developing a revolutionary product for the fitness and athletic market. "We are creating next-generation wearable technology that gives you real insight into how your body works as you move, and combining it with a beautiful user experience that will fit right into your existing routine. Our goal is to empower you to make more informed decisions while pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle."

Dr. Desjardins describes herself as having a passion for understanding how individuals make decisions. She has devoted all her postdoctoral research to this question and hopes to use this experience to better understand consumer and online social behavior. Her specialties include: Conducting research from conception to the presentation of results, managing multiple projects, overseeing employees, project budgeting, data analysis, experimental design, and communication of results both written and orally.

The author of numerous scientific and technical publications, Dr. Desjardins earned her Master's degree in Zoology from Western University and her Ph.D. in Psychology from McMaster University.