Amy Logan

Founder & CEO, Gender Innovation
292 - Gender Equality in Large Organizations

Amy Logan is the Founder and CEO of Gender Innovation, a training firm that helps corporations enhance performance and competitive advantage by integrating gender equality into their business cultures and systems. She presents keynotes and workshops and offers a proprietary executive coaching program, leadership training, and consulting services. Ms. Logan's business background includes co-founding and selling the first online database for the health care supply chain.

A multi-award-winning global women's human rights activist, novelist, and documentary film producer, Ms. Logan has served since 2015 as President of the Board of the US National Committee for UN Women San Francisco Bay Area, where she led a turnaround of the organization and served as a Delegate to the UN's 60th and 61st Sessions (2016-2017) of the Commission on the Status of Women and the 2016 White House Summit "The United State of Women." An expert speaker on call for the US State Department, Ms. Logan has given talks at TEDx, UN Foundation, World Affairs Council, International Women's Forum, Oxford, NYU, and more.