Theresa Pidcock

Founder, Theresa Pidcock Consulting, L.L.C.
225 - Think You Need the Title to be a Leader? Think Again!
276 - Communication: What You DON'T Say Could Be More Important than What You DO Say

Theresa Pidcock is an executive advisor and leadership/life coach. After working as a corporate Regional Vice President and in executive management for over a decade, she started her own executive advising and consulting business to help others solve problems that plague them every day. She helps clients strategize on issues, including team building, morale, strategy, sales, leadership, recruiting/hiring/interviewing, and problem-solving.

Ms. Pidcock works with individuals in two main capacities to address both business and personal goals: Strategic Corporate Advising, where she coaches and consults with C-level, senior business professionals and entrepreneurs on identifying business needs and gaps, defining strategies to address change and solve problems; and Leadership/Life Coaching, providing in-depth research analysis with special emphasis on those seeking senior management and government positions.