Joie Seldon

Principal, Joie Seldon EQ Executive Coaching & Consulting
147 - How to Harness Your Emotions for Powerful Leadership

Joie Seldon is an innovator in Emotional Intelligence and the founder of WINGS Professional Success Program, which integrates one's skills, talents, experience, ambition, and innate personality into effective leadership. She addresses the interpersonal aspects of business by teaching clients how to utilize their emotions as a powerful tool for building leadership skills while reducing stress and frustration.

For 15 years, Ms. Seldon has helped business professionals step into their personal power, improve relationships and take effective action, coaching coached clients at AT&T, PMI, Blue Shield, Wells Fargo, and more. She holds a master's degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology and is the author of "Emotions: An Owner's Manual" coming out in July.