Andrew Gardiner

Co-Founder, The Hire Key
304 - The Inside Track on How to Be Discovered/Hired
340 - TA Uncensored: Elevating Your Talent Acquisition Game

Andrew Gardiner is a Talent Acquisition (TA) and HR subject matter expert with over 25 years of hands-on experience helping employers address their unique pain points across all disciplines of TA recruitment/hiring, sourcing, retention, and employer branding platforms and solutions. As the founder of, San Francisco Bay Area's popular job board, Mr. Gardiner is able to feed his passion for connecting companies with the right candidates by prescribing his diverse clientele with the most creative, strategic, and cost-effective TA solutions. He keeps abreast of relevant trends and emerging technologies in both TA and candidate-facing platforms to ensure his insights are both relevant and strategic.

In addition to several hundreds of TA-related demos, Mr. Gardiner comes by this impressive body of knowledge and expertise through a unique combination of running his own recruitment ad agency (ADVANCE Recruitment Solutions), founding a job board (BAJobs), and personally pounding the pavement to ensure he understands and meets each client's unique hiring goals, wants, and needs. A close-to-the-heart endeavor is helping our Veterans transition into the civilian workplace through support of organizations like BraveHire, WorkForWarriors, and VetsInTech. Mr. Gardiner is also a proud sponsor and supporter of the Women In Technology International (WITI) Summit.