Nancy Kazdan

Founder & CEO, Market Share International
139 - Creating Your Irresistible Value Proposition
271 - Creating Your Irresistible Value Proposition
331 - Creating Your Irresistible Value Proposition

Nancy Kazdan has built a solid executive communication, sales, and marketing consulting firm providing tailored coaching, consulting, training, mentoring, and project management expertise. Ms. Kazdan is known for helping business professionals distill, communicate, and translate complex information into messages and stories their target audience/s will understand, resulting in action. Over 20 years, Ms. Kazdan has developed a strong portfolio of successful client projects in technology, media, and financial services. She works with individuals and groups from startups, small businesses, corporate, and international organizations.

She has worked with technology organizations such as IBM, Apple and many others, increased Request for Proposal wins by 300% for Intech Investment Consultants and advised 17 startups. U.S. born and Silicon Valley raised, Ms. Kazdan received her B.Sc. focusing on Behavioral Science from the University of California, East Bay, and as a guest lecturer in Sydney, Australia at the Graduate School of Management. She has certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Coaching and Sales Behavioral Preference Assessments. On a post-graduate level she focused on Organizational Development, Transformational Leadership, and Strategic Market Management.