Diane Malnekoff

Principal, DM Consulting
273 - Mastering Gender Communications & Interactions
333 - Mastering Gender Communications and Interactions

Diane Malnekoff brings a powerful combination to executive coaching, first as a corporate executive in the aviation industry then as a business psychologist. By combining what executive experience brings to the table with an in-depth savvy of human behavior, she can provide a unique perspective, providing expertise in both contexts. Dr. Malnekoff has built DM Consulting over 20 years, coaching C-level executives, senior leaders, VC's and smart, successful professionals. Dr. Malnekoff's Mastering Gender Communications & Interactions coaching and workshops offer concrete tools and techniques to work with both men and women in a smarter way.

Dr. Malnekoff holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology, Palo Alto University. She is a graduate of the Executive Coach Academy and holds a coaching certification from the International Coach Federation. She is a licensed psychologist and expert in leadership & human behavior.