Sarah Richson

CEO, Richemele International Consultants

Sarah Richson is CEO of Richemele International Consultants; Co-founding Director at Yusudi (Youth) Africa; and a Network Co-Director at WITI. As well, she is a Certified Executive Coach, International Speaker/Trainer, Growth Strategist, and Thought Leader in Human Development. Earlier, Ms. Richson was Global HR Director at Techno Brain Group, a fast-growth IT firm overseeing 20+ geographies across UK, USA, Asia, and Africa.

She is an ardent promoter of Women Empowerment which inspired her to begin a program for women working in technology dubbed "Pink Potential," culminating in the launch of "IT Women Rock Conference" aimed at demystifying the industry for women while celebrating and advancing real success stories for women in IT. Ms. Richson currently mentors several professionals globally in a variety of life phases, from youth to top leadership positions.

Some of her notable recent work with women includes mentorship, capacity development keynote speaking at various forums such as UN Women Empowerment Principles events, Kenya Institute of Management (KIM), annual Women in Leadership Summit, OWIT panel at World Trade Organisation in Geneva, Digital Woman, General Motors Women Forum, AWAK (Association of Women Accountants in Kenya) IHRM (Institute of Human Resource Management), KCB Women Biashara, Nairobi University Women in Entrepreneurship, Strathmore University Women in Leadership program and Communications Authority Women Forum. This year she was nominated for a "Woman of Excellence" Award at the Women Economic Forum. As well, Ms. Richson is the proud mother of five beautiful children.