Nikila Srinivasan

Product Lead, Ads Growth & China Ads, Facebook

Nikila Srinivasan leads the Ads Growth team at Facebook and is responsible for helping millions of small businesses become successful on the platform, and for international business growth in key markets (including China). She graduated with a CS engineering degree from Chennai, India, and was an entrepreneur before moving to Silicon Valley. At Facebook, she championed the need to invest in emerging markets and as a result of her advocacy, the team green-lit a large investment out of the London office. Ms. Srinivasan was drafted to be a site builder in London and established an Emerging Markets ads team before moving back to California to assume her current position as head of small business and China ads.

As a woman of color with diverse experiences, Ms. Srinivasan is a passionate advocate for diversity in the workforce - and in how we approach product development and technology. She's also a published author, speaker at international events including the Cannes Advertising Festival, keynote at the Ada Lovelace Festival in Berlin, Product Tank, Fortune Global CEO Forum, and was one of India's Olympic torchbearers.