Laurel Taylor

Panel Discussion: Future of Digital Finance

Laurel is passionate about maximizing human potential and realizing innovation as a result of aligning interdependent parties in new and novel ways, powered through data mining & technology. When Laurel observed companies waging the war for talent, coupled with hyper mobility of millennials saddled with student loan debt, the arbitrage opportunity in the labor market became clear: student debt repayment on a vesting schedule to drive employee stickiness. In fact, employee engagement is beyond retention, as offering this coveted benefit expresses as love and loyalty for the employer. Laurel's aspiration is to launch student debt repayment as a new normal at the core of corporate financial health and wellness offerings. As a staggering 50%+ of millennials opt out of 401(k) contribution, employees express student loan debt as a more relevant and meaningful offering.

Laurel is a graduate of MIT prior to launching, held a Head of Industry leadership position within Google's Global Business Unit within the Large Customer Sales division. During this time, she also served as a super connector and cross-functional bridge within Google: Google Ventures, Partnerships, X, and Enterprise. Her 10+ years at the intersection of technology and humanity enabled Laurel to internalize strong user preferences for all-things-mobile, efficiency, simplicity, instant access and engagement.