Renee Lopez-Cantera

VP Business Development , Eikon Digital
The Top Tech Trends for 2019: How can we take advantage of the opportunities globally and especially in South Florida

Mrs. Lopez-Cantera resides with her family in Miami and is a native Floridian who received her undergraduate degree at Tulane University and MBA at the University of Miami with specialties in Marketing and Finance.

She has spent the last 20 years working in various leadership positions in consumer marketing. She has specialized in digital strategy since 1999 for varied sectors such as: the media, real estate, political, entrepreneurial and consumer product ventures.

Currently, Renee is the VP of Business Development at Eikon Digital, a programmatic media agency where she works with companies and ad agencies to enhance client growth via online sales. Over her 20+ career tenure, she has also led product development teams and partnerships with entrepreneurial organizations such as Emerge Americas and Enterprise Florida.

Mrs. Lopez-Cantera is a dedicated community activist and serves as an executive board member and advocate for many organizations both for non-profits and in the corporate arena as a business advisor. Renee has been awarded several awards for her community service and business acumen. In 2017, she was a recipient of the distinguished Knight Foundation scholarship for Women in Tech held by the Commonwealth Forum. In this capacity, Renee and her colleagues focus on advancing and implementing emerging technologies in their respective fields. Renee also is an advisory board member at the University of Miami Marketing Board, and the University of Miami Department of Computing.