Eryka Gemma Flores

CEO, Bitcoin Center Miami
The Top Tech Trends for 2019: How can we take advantage of the opportunities globally and especially in South Florida

Eryka Gemma is co-founder of Miami International Bitcoin, a media and events organization that understands that community is necessary to build business in this new decentralized economy. Eryka graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with a Bachelor of Science in Aeronautics and a private pilot license. Before taking the leap into blockchain business, Eryka worked in traditional finance for the aircraft trading and leasing industry. She is a pioneer in combining aviation and blockchain and is developing a security token backed by aircraft.

Her affinity for blockchain technology stems from an appreciation for Austrian economics and honest politics. As a teenager, she was the youngest delegate in Washington State for the Ron Paul presidential campaign. The ability for blockchain to increase transparency, reduce corruption and eliminate human error drives Eryka to educate the local community towards mass adoption.

Eryka is also instrumental in building local tech business, she is opening the Bitcoin Center Miami, sits on the board of the Florida Blockchain Business Association and cofounded an event which caused the City of Miami to officially proclaim November 15th as Women's Entrepreneurship Day. She is a sought after speaker who aims to show young girls that women can be successful in STEM fields.